16 brass drawer pulls. Off Jackson and 65th or meet at AB. I can also meet or drop off while out around town. I will answer valid questions that are not already stated and will give a 6 hour hold once I have answered. After that, I will go to next in line.
Eeeuc. Only used 2 years as an extra seat. Still has 6 years left of use. Weight limit 5 up to 100 lbs so you wouldn't need another carseat for your child besides this one.
Frame is a dark wood. Cushion is floral on one side, and striped on the other.
Excellent condition and very comfortable. Approximately 85" long. No holes, rips, scratches or imperfections. From a pet free, smoke free home. Need picked up by Friday, please. Off Chemstrand and Kingsfield.
Girls " Giggles" monkey bicycle. Tires are good and both have air in them. Bicycle is in great shape except for a little amount of rust on the metal part underneath of the bicycle seat but it is not disintegrating or rusting through, just surface. See picture. Handlebars look dirty at a distance but they are just colors of bicycle and purposely look like that with the colors and star designs. S...
Dark wood side table. Top hits 19 x 19, 20 inches tall. GUC. I bought from another sister last week but is too low for my space. See profile for meets/pick up locations
Maximus Tangled Disney Life Size Horse, it s an awesome life size horse! It is definitely gift-able! It did not come in a box or any kind of wrapping NEW CONDITION Item details: Pull on his reins and Maximus will respond with motion and sounds, he can also hold an apple in his mouth! Decorate his hair with the wear & share accessories Playdate Maximus can support up to 70 POUNDS and stands over...
Parking Garage Set, Airport Set, and extra cars (around 12ish total, maybe more- I ll count soon). Everything works and is in EEUC. Garage goes for $75 new and airport goes for $55. Plus the extra cars- this is a real deal.
EEUC. The tractor seat moves up and down as the tractor is pulled. The back trailer attaches/detached from the tractor.
EUC. Batteries included. Great for younger kids interested in remote vehicles who can t control the forward/backward and side to side. New version retails for $30.
Smaller RC car. GUC. It works well, but I think the outer rubber rings on the tires should be glued on. The car goes so fast that the rubber sometimes gets a little wonky. Also, the battery cover of the remote control is missing. Batteries not included.